About The Owners

Mirrored Memories started out as a dream of ours when we saw the technology at an expo we attended. Newly engaged and full of motivation, we set out to become the #1 name in the mobile photo booth industry! After hard work, hours of research, and loving support from our family, Mirrored Memories changed from a dream into our reality!



Thank you for supporting your local veteran owned business! The men and women who have served appreciate your support!

Scott & Margaret Poling

Scott & Margaret Poling



Born in Albuquerque and raised in Wichita, Scott joined the Air Force at age 18, and served 10 years achieving the position of a Training "drill" Instructor. No stranger to moving around, he chose to end his service to settle in Phoenix where he could create a career that would keep him in the states to raise his son Joseph. At that time, Scott opened his own, small but successful, catering company. Not long after that, he met Margaret at a work function, and they were soon engaged to be married! With Scott’s diverse background, he is very knowledgeable in owning and operating a small business!


Margaret was born and raised in Olympia. She attended college at South Puget Sound with a focus on business administration. Soon after finishing college she realized the job market in Washington was not working in her favor, so she took a leap of faith when she decided to move to Chandler with her 8-year-old daughter, Natalie. With nothing but her suitcases and loving support from her family, they hopped on a plane headed for sunny Arizona. Little did she know it would be the place her dreams would come true. After years of various retail jobs, Margaret excelled in customer service. With her knowledge of business administration and passion for customer service, she and Scott made the perfect team to bring the dream of Mirrored Memories to a reality! And the rest is happily ever after!